Concieved to Birth : The Beginning of a new Relationship

Concieved to Birth

by Richard Head on 06/22/18

     Most of us think on the path of a relationship being monogamous, heterosexual even this day and time same sex or gay relationships,but what we fail to forget or understand is there are many types of relationships and I am here to start you off in the beginning. What if I told you that you have a relationship with your donor before the act of insemination. Not possible you say? Well you are correct.,before the male semen fertilizes the egg of the woman`s  ovarian fluids, you`re just a whitish sticky liquid that contains sperm produced by the male sex glan. Once the donor (naturally donating or the doctor artificially implanting) the sperm into the female ovaries (granted either process takes) then and only then does the relationship begins.

  When the male secretion (sperm) fertilizes the egg of the female ovarian liquid and inbeds itself into the walls of the ovaries the nine month insemination process begins. Most of us know this as being pregnant or impregnating your significant other. ( enough of the peanut`s teacher talk ) Six weeks into this process the relationship forms with the mother, in the relationship world this has now become your first and most meaningful one of all. She (your mother) has become your life line without her during this crutial period you have no life. What a depressing thought right. No you, no getting to know life, no one getting to know the true you. So what about the oven? Thats right you are a five star meal being prepared for this dinning room of life. Just like any great chef all things have to come together at the right time in order for the meal to come out perfect. While inside the oven (your mothers belly) a bond is being formed and DNA is being distributed throughout your now exsistence. Part of your donor (the father) but the majority of your mother flows through you now. The relationship has begun. The nine month fertilization period,( now that is just the doctors recomended time frame that one is carried to produce a " healthy" baby). You may not need the full incubation period to be healthy or you may need a little extended time who knows, nothing in this process is for sure but one thing. You will develope is a relationship like no other with your mother.

   How is this possible you ask? No one can even see you, feel you, touch you. True to the outsider but to the bun in the oven all those things are possible. The food that she eats nurishes you. The sounds of here voice comforts you and the way she lays sometimes discomforts you too. The more you grow (6 to 7 months by now )the more things become noticable to you. Outside sounds; Movements; others touching you. Oh boy here is another stage and a different level of a relationship being formed. All the while you are still embracing the safety and the comfort of your mothers womb. Normally at this time or stage in the pregnancy you start to realize there are other things in this world besides just your mother, for instance the donor (father`s) voice is starting to be recognized, siblings if you are not the first born, dogs or any pet of that nature. You are now on the inside feeling that you have bonded long enough with your mother and these outside influences have now sparked the intrest of your large but tiny little mind.

  Like always and for the first two years of your existence you call the shots. This moment will be no different, enough is enough and without question you will decide to make your grand appearence at what we adults or parents call the wrong time. This process is called labor, going into labor is not only for you and the mother but all that are within an ears distance can and will more than likely become involved. To the hospital we go and even this stage of the process can be lengthy or it can be short, extremely short. (some mothers have been know to not even make it to the hospital and have to bring you into this world wherever you decide to come out) not often but more than probably is wanted. You make it to the hospital and for laughs lets just say you hang out in the belly for a couple more hours. Well when you do decide to poke your little odd shaped head out that exact moment from this day date and time forward will be called your birthday. You may have to share that day with others who had the same idea as you but that day will be set aside just for you.This is called giving birth (birth - day) and your new journey to build strong and long lasting relationships has just begun.

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