Before the Mic : The Beginning of a new Relationship

Before the Mic

by Richard Head on 11/27/18

Before the mic:




Yesterday I got to go to Church for the first time in way too long as I was working a job that required me to work Sundays when my Church meets. I woke up early excited to go to Church and see everyone, more than anything my Soul needed feeding! My best friend picked me up and off we went, I walked in to smiling faces & arms wide open which is a feeling that can only be felt not explained. We were running late per usual (??) so quickly after the hugs & I love you everyone scrambled to their seats but not without the Pastor joking with us all & asking if we’d had too much coffee. One of my favorite people whom we will call “Kris” lead worship as she normally does (the Girl has an Angelic voice) and we settled back into our seats.

The Pastor informed us we were as close to Thanksgiving as we’d get until Church met again so our service would be a little different. He asked “Kris” to grab the mic she used to sing and begin to pass it around so that anyone who wanted could share what they were thankful for. I of course couldn’t wait to get the mic because I could barely contain my gratitude for even getting to be present, other than my Son & of course my Savior what I was most Grateful for was the friendship and loving kindness this Church Family has shown to me. My Church as whole could never be perfect but it’s perfect for me. As the mic was passed around and the last person spoke, I realized at the end of the day we are all grateful for the same thing ... Relationships! Humans need other Humans it’s just how we are created.

I felt like this one of this Ah Ha

moments in life and it was meant for me to learn more. I have been reading articles and watching videos and I’m truly in awe. Did you know that studies show Humans who have fewer social ties are more likely to have heart disease, impaired immune function and even Cancer? If that is mind blowing enough research dating back to the 1970’s suggests that people with less social ties and networks actually die younger! I have concluded that you don’t have to have several relationships, but you need meaningful ones. I hope we all gather from this that nobody must go through life alone and we’ll be much happier when we create and maintain bonds with others. Relationships (of all kinds) can even encourage us to eat better, exercise and take better care of ourselves in general. Life isn’t always easy but it’s more fun when you share it with others.



Author: The Pink Dog

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1. Richard Head said on 11/27/18 - 12:51AM
Thank you Pink Dog for the time and effort you put into writing this blog for the page. I really enjoyed the read and you do great work. Keep up the positive efforts and you will go a long way.

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