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"WDWRW" What Do We Really Want is a broadcast about relationships on many different levels. From your typical heterosexual relationships to spiritual relationships and more. It will contain adult content as well as being  educational and informative. We really want this to be an interactive show that is why we are inputting programs like SKYPE and You Tube live chat in the new format so we can interact with you live on the air. We want to bring out the reality of relationships as well as the lighter and fun side.

   We must admit that relationships are a major part of our lives because from the moment we are conceived within the womb of our mother we are bonding and forming a relationship unless you are a Hippocampus ( seahorse ) The male gives birth to the offspring. I know there are plenty of women out there who wish this was possible with humans right?  Well it`s not so lets move on. We build these so called relationships with one another for several reason and we each have our own reasoning why. Have you ever wondered why even though the mother carries both the male and the female for the duration of the pregnancy after they are born the bond changes. The son`s become attached to the mother and the daughter`s become daddy`s girl?  As your Commander in Chief  how important is it to have a great relationship with the rest of the world? How strong is your relationship with the higher power in which you believe in? All this and more will be brought to you by "WDWRW"
"WDWRW" is a pronoun PEG station meaning that we are not doing this for profit but we do accept donations to help broadcast our information. If you would like to become a sponsor you can go here to find out more on our PEG channel. If you would like to advertise on our show for free contact us here at if you would like for New Century School of  Entertainment PA to come up with an advertisement for you there will be additional fees added but your ad will run for free within the show. If you would just like to donate to a good cause please click on the button bellow. We would like to thank you in advance for your contribution to the cause of getting the importance of relationships out to the world.